IMCO Software

IMCO Software aims to transform manufacturing companies by maximizing efficiency and profitability with our manufacturing software solutions. Our goal is to provide customers optimal visibility, accuracy, and control in today’s competitive manufacturing market. Our team specializes in MES Software and fixing troubled ERP implementations.


Our Manufacturing Execution System can increase your up-time, traceability, and more. It can also help you with real-time visibility between the back office and the shop floor.

Custom Systems Integrations

IMCO Software is able to build and design customized solutions for all of your integration needs.


Our Energy Management System allows supervisors and managers to view consumption data, like usage and analytics, in real time.

IMCO - CIMAG Time & Attendance

IMCO - CIMAG Time Attendance module is a web application providing an easy and automated way to manage personnel activity.

ERP Consulting

Our innovative team adopts whatever ERP system your company chose during the analysis phase of the project. We are able to adapt the original project design to finalize the cut-over phase at a minimum cost.


IMCO CIMAG – Access module is a complete and automated solution of surveillance and access to facilities and special areas within the facilities.


Our Computer Learning module runs analytics to identify the best combination to run a process as well as to accurately predict maintenance events enabling advanced planning. This technology combines data acquisition and machine learning processing on one single platform.

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